General Questions

A website is a set or a collection of web pages that are united to each other. Usually they include Services, a blog or products’ view.
Is an online store through which take place the sales of the products your company sell 24 hours a day, automatically.
Because your business deserves a better presentation. Nowadays every business is required to have a dynamic presence on the internet. Your presence inspires prestige, credibility and convenience of your business to your future customers.
Consumers consider it self-evident that each business has its own Eshop website. The rhythms of modern society force consumers / customers to visit a store's website in order to make a purchase they want, instead of visiting a physical store because they just do not always have the necessary spare time. Also, the most important thing is that you are addressing the entire world and not just the local community in your area where the physical store is located, resulting in new customers.
A Landing Page or Destination Page to which your site visitors are entering by clicking on a link that contained in your website, an external page or an ad. It is used in order to encourage communication with your visitors by filling out a contact form, a form or participation for a contest, or in order to register on your website.
Hosting or web hosting is a service that allows businesses or individuals to have a website online without the necessity of having any required equipment, as these action are taken over by web hosting companies.
The logo is the visual identity of a business remembered by your customers and readers
The site can be managed by the client himself or managed by our company at a monthly or annual cost.
A website or Eshop can be online in 20 days since the day of the ordering agreement by our customer.

Questions of Economic Nature

The cost of a website starts at 560€
The cost of an E-shop website starts at 960€
The cost of a Landing Page starts at 139€
The cost of a logo starts at 169€
The cost of web hosting starts at 65€/year.

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