At SmartStart we take care of your website’s promotion in order to increase the reach of your business over the internet. To attract customers and increase your online sales, we manage various marketing actions.

By using Marketing strategies, we can determine the overall image that is displayed online for your business. Our team with the use of webmaster tools and online promotions provides the best result. We analyze the data and set high but not impossible goals to be met. The structure of your digital presentation adapts to the measures of the audience you are addressing to. In this way your business and its’ products become a destination of direct interest to the public. The customer always returns to the website to complete their next purchase.

Marketing, μαρκετινγκ, προώθηση ιστότοπου, διαδικτυακές καμπάνιες

Modern promotional methods such as online campaigns are our allies in direct targeting of the public. We select the right audience that is the customers who really interested in your business. We multiply the traffic of the visitors and sales of the online store by personalizing the products and services. We locate the audience that can connect directly to your products through its real needs.

We also propose targeted business-to-customer two-way communication through newsletters marketing. It is the essential presentation of proposals that meet the needs of the public.

Tools we use are Web Analytics, Usability Testing, SEO, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Applications.